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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Project Ideas For Students

Signal Processing

1. Performance of OFDM over AWGN Channels Using MATLAB Simulation.
2. Implementation of GMSK in Radio Communication Using MATLAB.
3. Preprocessing of Speech signal using LPC and Enhancing using wiener filter.
4. Automatic Speaker Recognition System by using MATLAB.
5. Acoustic Echo Cancellation in Hand-free Communication System.
6. Noise Reduction by using Adaptive Filters.
7. Channel Estimation and Detection based on DS-CDMA.
8. Speech Compression Using Wavelets.
9. DS-CDMA in Wireless Handset Communication Using MATLAB.
10. Cellular Traffic Calculation.
11. Implementation of Speech Enhancement using Wiener Filter.
12. LDPC Decoder and BER using MATLAB Simulation.
13. Wimax physical Llayer simulation by using MATLAB.
14. Radar System Design by using MATLAB Simulation.
15. Adaptive Filtering(Adaptive Channel Equalization & Channel Enhancement &
Noise Cancellation).
16. Adaptive Time Frequency Analysis by using MATLAB.
17. Speaker Independent Digit Recognition System using MATLAB.
18. Design of Speaker Recognization System.
19. Speaker ID Identification using MATLAB.
20. Binary Step Size based LMS Algorithm Developed by using MATLAB.
21. Speech coding Implemented by using Sub-Band Coders.
22. Synthetic Aperture Radar Signal Processing with MATLAB Algorithms.
23. LPC (Linear Predictive Coding) VOCODER Simulated using MATLAB.
24. Digital Communication Implemented by using MATLAB Simulation.
25. Voice Audio Processing by using MATLAB.
26. Removal of noise from ECG Signal using MATLAB Simulation.
27. Channel coding Developed using Hamming Code Techniques by Using
MATLAB Simulation.
28. Smart Antenna System for Mobile Communication using MATLAB.
29. Modern Communication System Implementation using MATLAB.
30. To find Signal Short-time Energy and Zero-crossing MATLAB Simulation.
31. Adaptive Equalizers and Smart Antenna Systems using MATLAB Simulation.
32. Synthetic Aperture Radar Signal Processing with MATLAB Algorithm.
33. RF Design and Analysis using MATLAB Simulation.
34. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum, Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum and
35. Speech compression using Linear Predictive Coding.
36. Developing a Financial Market Index Tracker using MATLAB OOP and
Genetic Algorithms.
37. Speak the recognized character using MATLAB simulation.
38. Audio Signal Implementation using DCT and FFT.
39. Generation of QPSK Wave forms Using MATLAB Simulation.
40. Speech Recognition System for isolated words using MATLAB.
41. Speech Processing Using Kalman filter.
42. Implementation of Speech De-Noising using Wavelets.
43. Implementation of Alien Voices with GUI Audio Perturbations
44. DCT based Video Processing A Focus Compression using Simulink.
45. Text Independent Speaker Recognition Based on Neaural Network.
46. RADAR simulation.
47. Performance Analysis of Channel Estimation and Adaptive Equalization in Slow Fading Channel.
48. Development of Adaptive Band Width Filter for Tracking Radar Sub-System.
49. WiMAX DL waveform Basic PUSC with preamble boosting.
50. Auto Associative memory.
51. Exact Histogram Specification-Equalization.
52. DTMF Generator and Receiver.
53. DSSS Enhanced with a coarse time Synchronization loop using MATLAB.
54. Direct Sequence Spread spectrum using MATLAB Simulation.
55. Slow Frequency Hopped Spread Spectrum Implementation.
56. Array of Antenna System using MATLAB Simulation.
57. Implementation of Sound Editing System by using MATLAB
58. Text to Speech Conversion Using MATLAB.
59. Speech Compression Using Linear Predictive Coding Technique.
60. Speech Enhancement Using Soft Thresholding with DCT
61. Speaking Environment Modeling Approach To Robust Speech Recognition
Using Correlation Method.

Image Processing

1. To Perform and Demonistrate The Image Histogram Streching and Histogram Equalization
2. Finger Print Authentication.
3. Image Reconstruction by using MATLAB.
4. DCT Based Image Water Marking.
5. Image compression using Wavelets.
6. Facial Recognization by using MATLAB.
7. Face Detection System by using MATLAB.
8. Image Segmentation using MATLAB.
9. CANOPY Image Analysis by using MATLAB.
10. Vehicle Traffic Pattern at an Inter section by using Simulink Events.
11. Vehicle Number plate Recognization.
12. Tank level Controller.
13. Analysis of AWGN channel by using Adaptive Equalizer.
14. Image Recognization to Deforms using MATLAB.
15. Performance Analysis of Channel Estimation and Adaptive Equalization in
slow fading Channel.
16. Image Compression with Neural Network using MATLAB.
17. Image Mosaicing using MATLAB.
18. Finger Print Recognization System.
19. LSB Steganography Using MATLAB Simulation.
20. Fourier-Mellin based Image Registration (with GUI) using MATLAB
21. Local Adaptive Thresholding.
22. Rigid and non rigid image registration using sumulink.
23. Image masking Recognization.
24. Character Recognition Using Neural Networks.
25. One-To-One Face Matching.
26. Development of Medical Image Compression.
27. Iris Recognition System.
28. Webcam based facial recognition.
29. Facial Expression Recognition.
30. Facial Recognition System Based on Eigen Faces.
31. Shape Recognition.
32. Mosaic random-images.
33. High Performance Face Recognition Based on Wavelet and Neural Networks.
34. High Speed Face Recognition Based on Discrete Cosine Transforms and Neural
35. Cheque Number Reader.
36. Reverseble Data Hiding Based Histogram Modification of Pixel Difference.


1. Simulation of PID controllers with Neural Networks.
2. Simulation of Transformer with short circuit and RL load termination.
3. Simulation of different Bracking Methods of DC Machine.
4. Analysis of sub synchronous resonance in a power system.
5. Simulation of power system stabilizers.
6. Modeling Flexible Bodies in Sim-Mechanics.
7. Skyhook Surface Sliding Mode Control on Semi-Active Vehicle.
8. Electronic AC voltage Regulator.
9. Single Phase Active Power Filter (for High Voltage DC Power Supply).
10. Stewart Platform Mechanical System.
11. Modeling of a PWM VSI induction motor drive.
12. Simulation of PID controllers with Neural Networks.
13. Emergency System in Power Substation.
14. GUI for fuzzy based Washing Machine.
15. Torque of Electromagnetic Torque motor by using MATLAB Simulink.
16. System Identification of a synchronous wind turbine system using a modified MlMO ARX structure.
17. Fuzzy Controller of Semi-active control for 1by4 Suspension System.
18. Semi-active Control of Skyhook for 1by4 Suspension System.
19. Tolerance Analysis of Electronic Circuits Using MATLAB.
20. PSO solution to Economic dispatch with Multiple fuel Options.
21. Structural Vibration Control System.
22. General Purposes Linear and Non Linear Fuzzy Logic Controller.
23. Armature and Field Control of DC Motor.
24. Hydraulic-Electric (EMB) Hybrid Vehicle.
25. An algorithm for radial distribution power flow in Complex mode including voltage controlled buses.
26. Optimal Power flow by Genetic Algorithm.
27. Analysis of suspension system using MATLAB, SIMULINK and Simscape.
28. Steam Condenser Model and PI Control.
29. Tune PID controller with your hand.
30. Selective Harmonic Elimination Based PWM for 3-Phase.
31. Simulation of the SPWM.
32. Implementation of Delta Sigma Modulator – Simulink.
33. Torque of electro magnetic torque motor.
34. Sinusoidal PWM for Three Phase Inverter.
35. Rotatory Gantry Simulation.
36. Design and analysis of zero voltage switching DC-DC.
37. Multi-Input Inverter for Grid-Connected Hybrid PV/Wind Power System.
38. Application of Synchronous Static Series Compensator (SSSC) on Enhancement of Voltage.
39. Sensorless Model of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.

Selected project list of DSP:
1. Economic Load dispatch using Genetic Algorithm using M-file
2. Modeling of a PWM VSI induction motor drive
5. Simulation of six-step inverter induction motor drive
6. Analysis of field oriented control of an induction motor
7. Simple Method for Load Flow Solution of Radial Distribution Networks
8. Position Control of D.C Motor by Fuzzy Logic Controller
9. Transient Stability Analysis with PSS using SVC
10. Simulation of Multi Machine power system
11. transformer less DC-DC Converters with high step up voltage gain
12 seven level shunt active power Shunt Active Power Filter
using Harmonic Selective Controller



1) Real-time Atomization of agricultural environment for social modernization of Indian agricultural system.
2) Home Automation and Security System via PSTN.
3) Development of Intelligent Power Wheelchair Assisting for People on Daily Life.
4) Design and Implementation of Real Time Vehicle Tracking System.
5) Application of Zigbee for Pollution Monitoring Caused by Automobile Exhaust Gases.
6) Boarding School Students Monitoring Systems (E-ID) Using Radio Frequency Identification.
7) Multi sensor Strategies to Assist Blind People: A Clear-Path Indicator.
8) Development of Remote Waste Gas Monitor System.
9) GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services.
10) Item-Level RFID in a Retail Supply Chain with Stock-Out-Based Substitution.
11) Zigbee-based Vehicle Access Control System.
12) Wireless temperature monitoring system based on Zigbee technology.
13) The Smart Home Controller Based on Zigbee.
14) RFID-based Autonomous Mobile Car.
15) Design & Development of a GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System.
16) An Embedded System and RFID solution for transport related issues.
17) Role of Wireless Sensor Networks in Forest Fire Prevention.
18) Bus Detection Device for the Blind using Passive RFID Application.
19) Design for Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System of the Intelligent
20) A Remote Home Security System Based on Wireless Sensor Network and GSM Technology
21) Design & Development of GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System.
22) Wearable Obstacle Avoidance Electronic Travel Aids for Blind.
23) Autonomous Street Lighting System based on Solar Energy and LEDs.
24) Zigbee-Wireless Mesh Networks for Building Automation and Control.
25) Zigbee Based Intelligent Helmet for Coal Miners.
26) Zigbee Wireless Vehicular Identification and Authentication System.
27) ATM card theft identification and Remote Information system.
28) An Electronic Voting System for Haptic Touch screen Interface.


1) Automatic Touch Screen based Wheel chair for patients and physically challenged persons.
2) Intelligent Train Engines to avoid accidents and controlling railway the gate automatically
3) Electronic House – A Well Equipped Modern House
4) Voice guider and medicine reminder for old age people and patients
5) Efficient energy saver for street lights.
6) Wireless controller for power point presentations.
7) Atomization of agricultural environment
8) Accident identification and information system with location
9) ATM card theft identification and Remote Information system
10) Intelligent traffic signaling system for ambulances and VIP vehicles
11) Advanced Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Wall Sensors and RF Remote Controller
12) Train location indicator
13) Automatic marks announcement system through SMS
14) Station arrival indicator for reserved passengers in trains.
15) Automation of toll gate and unauthorized vehicle tracking.
16) Alcohol Breath Analyzer / Alcohol Sensing Vehicle Starter System
17) Implementation of Secured Black Box in Aircraft
18) Implementation of Automated Multi Storied Car Parking
19) PC Controlled Advanced Wireless Robot Vehicle with Camera for Bomb Detection/ Human Surveillance Application for Dangerous Areas
20) Cell Phone based Robot Direction & Alive Human Detecting
21) Finger Print Verification for Passport Checking.
22) Electronic tourist guide.
23) Electronic health card.


1. Implementation of FIFO design for UART using VHDL
2. VLSI based Pattern generator and MISR for BIST using VHDL
3. LFSR for lower power optimization using VHDL
4. Practical asynchronous interconnect designing of a transmitter with parity
5. VLSI design of single chip stepper motor controller using VHDL
6. Single chip Encryptor core implementation of key scheduling for AES algorithm
7. Implementation of hash algorithm used for cryptography and security
8. FPGA implementation of USB transmitter macro cell interface
9. Practical asynchronous interconnect designing of an receiver with a parity
10. FPGA based designing of SPI and PSI Architectures
11. An efficient VLSI design of convolution encoder for satellite communication
12. Single chip Encryptor Decryptor core implementation of key scheduling for DES algorithm
13. A single chip designing of Arithmetic Logic Unit using VHDL
14. Implementation of Dual Port RAM for ATM applications
15. Implementation of RAM,ROM and instruction decoder of Pipelined RISC processor for parallel processing
16. Enhancement of BIST for Faulty circuit Techniques on FPGA
17. VLSI design of single chip Traffic Light Controller
18. Implementation of Scrambler and Descrambler in fiber optic communication systems for OTN using VHDL
19. VLSI design of pipelined module of RISC processor for parallel processing
20. VLSI based finite state machine for AES implementation using VHDL
21. An improved Hash Algorithm with the same structure of cryptography and security.
22. VLSI based round module for advanced encryption standard implementation using VHDL
23. Implementation of Scrambler and Descrambler in fiber optic communication systems for SONET using VHDL
24. Efficient VLSI Design of Basic RSA encryption engine
25. Designing of Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter using VHDL
26. A single chip VLSI based designing of comparator using VHDL
27. Efficient design of butterfly architecture for radix 4 fast Fourier transform
28. VLSI design of sbox for AES and DES using VHDL
29. Single chip design of event manager for RISC processor
30. Single chip design of PRBS generator using VHDL
31. Design and implementation of Bluetooth using VHDL
32. FPGA implementation of USB receiver macro cell interface
33. Implementation of SHA algorithm used for cryptography and security
34. Design and implementation of Discrete Cosine Transform(DCT) Design in VHDL
35. Design and implementation of Floating Point Unit (FPU) Design in VHDL
36. Design and implementation of VGA (Video Graphics Array) Controller in VHDL
37. Design and implementation of LCD Interface
38. Design and implementation of PS2 Keyboard
39. Design and implementation of WIFI MAC TRANSMITTER
40. Design and implementation of Ethernet Media Access Control Design in VHDL
41. Design and implementation of UART with bist capability
42. Design and implementation of lossless high speed parallel data compression
43. Design and implementation of Content Addressable Memory
44. Design and implementation of I2C controller core
45. Design and implementation of Dual Elevator Controller
46. Design and implementation of Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Generator/Checker in VHDL
47. Design and implementation of CAN using VHDL
48. Design and implementation of Triple Des for SECURE COMMUNICATION in VHDL
49. Design and implementation of Digital Code Lock
50. Implementation of real time Candy mechanic using VHDL


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