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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Why Facebook Likes Are Important | buy facebook likes

Growing up, my parents told me is wasn’t important to be popular. Shows what they know! Having a well-liked Facebook page is a great way to gain major brand exposure, cultivate relationships, and communicate with a targeted audience.
Raise Your Visibility
What exactly happens when someone “likes” your business’s Facebook page?
Let’s look at an example. I personally am a big fan of kettle corn from a company called Popcorn, Indiana. If I “like” their page, here’s what shows up on my personal profile’s wall and in my news feed:
It won’t be long before one of my friends sees this, and decides to click on “Popcorn, Indiana” to check out their page (such as my boyfriend, who loves their white cheddar popcorn).
Build Relationships
But the relationship doesn’t end there (between me and Popcorn, Indiana, that is, not me and my boyfriend). Every time Popcorn, Indiana posts a status update on their page’s wall, that update will appear in my news feed for me to see.


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