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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Education system in India

India is a country of around 1.25 billion peoples of which 65% population is young, means india is young nation. To progress we must focus on youths because they will decide future of the nation. Education is primary and most important criterion for better india as if everyone in younger generation will get proper education than only India will prospected.

In this direction from very first election till now government of India has done some great work. Presently around 990 billion rupee budjet is alloted for this. HRD ministry is responsible for higher education system as of primary education state government along with center is responsible.
At present 75% ( round figure) of population in India is educated. Let us now analyze thing rather than going to facts. I will took point by point analysis  but all regarding Government schools and colleges.

1) the very first thing to boost primary education government of India has already started Mid Day Meal scheme, so our children will get better health also.

2) books, dresses etc are free up to 8th standard.

3) the fee in government schools are so less and we compare this with private schools it is about 1/50 or more also. So government is taking less but giving more.

4) still we people don't choose government schools for our child. We are ready to pay 50 times fee even teacher who is teaching in private schools not even qualified any of the exam whereas all government teachers are well qualified.

 5) even what I observed that a government teacher prefer private schools for his infant. It simply shows that they don't have believe in their own system.

6) in reality government schools have very less number of students present there in most of the places.

7) let us now think of higher education. For graduation many options are present in India like engineering, doctor, law, science etc.

8) but what I observed is that Indian education system works only for a good degree.

9) when I say that "works only for good degree" it means we do graduation to get only degree not some knowledge or for skill development in us.

10) for this government is not responsible because they already have provide us all facilities but it is us that we want degree only not proper knowledge.

 11) like for example South Korea and India started building their education system in same year. We focused on Degree based preparation and they focused on skill development. you can analyze where they have reached in technology.

 I am not criticizing totally the education pattern but somehow to become world power we can't work with such education system. We must change it. When I say we it means Government+ we people of this great country.

Pankaj Pathak


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