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Saturday, 11 July 2015

what is good education

when we heard the word education, a picture series runs on our mind in which we see schools, teachers, students or if if we are already done with our schooling then we thought of our school days. These whole things which I have described was part of our education. Education in all sections of this world defines by all these parameters schools+ teachers+ students.

 Apart from these many other things may be there but these three things most important and must be their to get education. Some of you may think why I have described schools as essential part of education as to get education students means you and teachers means anyone who teaches you is sufficient. I have described schools as important part of proper education because we must have a class room so our infant from his/her very beginning in schools can learn how to interact with others means he learns how to be social in schools, but without schools knowledge he can gain but not education as being social is part of good education.

 So now you can imagine that a good education just not to get knowledge of particular subject but good education teaches us to be practical, be social, be friendly to everyone and so on. Only this good education can make you excel in your life, getting only knowledge is not sufficient to live in this world.

Its not the responsibility of only schools or government to make you infant social its parents who teaches him or her to be practical to be social to be gentle to everyone. If someone is good in his academics but not gentle not social he will find hard to live on this earth because we human beings are somehow social animals.

So when you think good education think other parameter also apart from knowledge is to make your child social, gentle and practical.

Pankaj Pathak


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