Wednesday, 12 December 2018

winter training in dehradun

With a new innovative approach, Ensino presents an exciting opportunity this winter for all the students to savor the delights of Placements, Industrial Exposure and Quality Training. This winter, gather your energy and vitality to undergo valuable and rigorous winter training in over 50+ technologies from Ensino.

It’s high time for candidates to decide aptly for short revision sessions, being placement drives knocking each campus. Ensino’s winter Training Programs caters the dual need of revisions for placements and major projects as well. The recent hiring trends of companies’ reveals that self-made major project, Industrial training and clarity of concepts are preferred the most. In this winter session, students can experience the entirely new and innovative teaching methodologies with certifications from MICROSOFT, ORACLE, AUTODESK, PANASONIC and NUVOTON so that they can develop the “Spark to shine in the Technical World”.

The chilly and snowy winter is an excellent time for the students to brush up their skills and gain Industrial Exposure. So the advice for the student is “Don’t wait for the SUMMER TRAINING in dehradun, seize the moment that is in front, and join our valuable winter Training course that comes with assured Placement assistance.

Winter is high time for candidates for short revision sessions, innovative projects and preparation for the interviews and placement drives. So think and decide about your future.  Come and join Ensino, and get access to its enhanced power packed courses in 50+ high end technologies that is surely going to exceed your expectations. Hence enroll for the winter training in dehradun and be prepared for the exciting journey with us.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Important factors involved in a Hotel Management Course

A Hotel management course is usually looked at as a stepping stone towards a bright career in the hospitality and hotel industry. Good courses in Hotel Management equip you to face real world challenges and train you in sharpening the skills that you already possess whilst imparting you with new skills. In the life of a fresher student, choosing the right course from the right college is an important decision and thus, the right amount of thought should go into it. There are several factors on which an aspirant can base his/her decision of choosing a course in the field of Hotel management. Some of the factors to be considered could be:
1.     Exposure:
While the basics taught in most of the Hotel management schools is pretty much the same, the exposure provided always differs. The right amount of exposure to how the real industry works, also called ‘on-field training’ is an essential part of your learning experience. An aspirant must go through the curriculum of a course and assess the amount of exposure they can get from that course. For example, If you are interested in being a part of a culinary arts program, look at whether you’ll be exposed to the workings of a professional kitchen or a professional Chef as a part of your training.

2.     Faculty:
Hotel Management is a detailed course which demands a certain level of expertise from the faculty who train students every year in the field. One of the key aspects to look into is whether the faculty has the experience and knowledge to provide you with a broad perspective in the field. Today, Institutes providing hotel management courses make sure that they get industry insiders to be part of the faculty team in order to give the students, a taste of their professionalism and experience.

3.     Placements:
Placements are the end results of all the hard work that you put into studying and training during the course of your studying. When you get into the hotel industry, work experience is a major factor in deciding how your journey in the industry will be. The more work experience you can gather, the more knowledge you’re able to accumulate. Hotel management is a practical field and it is important to apply on field, all the theory that you’ve learnt in hotel management school.

Before you apply for a hotel management course, it is important to assess yourself and understand your strengths and weaknesses. Certain skills are mandatory for a hospitality management graduate to have in order to make mark in the field. Some of the necessary skills that an aspirant must possess are:

1.     Practical and Soft-spoken:
In an industry like this one, there is a lot of communication that takes place mainly, between the employee and customer. In such a situation, there is no space for rude behavior or misunderstanding. It is very important to keep your cool, be practical, and speak in a composed manner.

2.     Efficient and effective:
The hospitality industry works on teamwork, wherein all the employees work towards one specific goal. In such a case, even one person’s mistake can affect the entire functioning of the procedure. A hotel management employee should be very aware of his abilities and must always be efficient in his work and effective in his communication.

3.     Presentation skills:
To be presentable in your appearance in terms of your dressing sense, personal hygiene, and a good command over the language is vital for you to have a good first impression on the customer. Hospitality depends heavily on first impressions, as a customer who has had a bad first impression during his/her first visit to a hotel, would probably never return for the same service.

4.     Confidence and Attitude:
A person with the right kind of confidence and attitude will be able to excel in an industry like hospitality. In this industry, you might come across various kinds of customers and it could be a challenge to deal with some of them. This field has its share of challenges, and to get through them, a person will need to build the right kind of attitude. Being warm and pleasant yet assertive is the key to good communication and retention of customers.

If you feel like you have all these skills and could conquer the hospitality world, go out there and acquire the skills necessary for a successful career in Hotel Management.

Author Bio
SImran is a passionate hotel management graduate who is seeking a successful career in the Hospitality industry. She possesses a flair for writing, particularly about her experiences in the hotel industry, and a passion for sports. She wishes to connect with people through her effective writing skills and useful content 

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Why Facebook Likes Are Important | buy facebook likes

Growing up, my parents told me is wasn’t important to be popular. Shows what they know! Having a well-liked Facebook page is a great way to gain major brand exposure, cultivate relationships, and communicate with a targeted audience.
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What exactly happens when someone “likes” your business’s Facebook page?
Let’s look at an example. I personally am a big fan of kettle corn from a company called Popcorn, Indiana. If I “like” their page, here’s what shows up on my personal profile’s wall and in my news feed:
It won’t be long before one of my friends sees this, and decides to click on “Popcorn, Indiana” to check out their page (such as my boyfriend, who loves their white cheddar popcorn).
Build Relationships
But the relationship doesn’t end there (between me and Popcorn, Indiana, that is, not me and my boyfriend). Every time Popcorn, Indiana posts a status update on their page’s wall, that update will appear in my news feed for me to see.
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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Effect of Modi's foregien visits

Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi has visited many countries since he took oath almost a year ago. Many of us criticizing him for his so many foregien trips including opponent parties. But believe me friends his foregien trips are quite beneficial for the country. Opponents are just misleading by saying his foregien trips are worthless. I will give you some statics given by a leading newspaper and you will be amazed.
Read carefully-

India received $19.78 billion foreign direct
investment (FDI) from 12 countries visited by Prime Minister
Narendra Modi in financial year 2014-15, Parliament was
informed today.
During the period, Indian companies invested $3.42 billion in
these countries which include Bhutan, Brazil, Nepal, Japan,
the US, Myanmar, Australia, Fiji, Seychelles, Mauritius, Sri
Lanka and Singapore.
The total outflow and inflow of foreign investment in general
for 2014-15 fiscal was $6.42 billion and $75.71 billion,
respectively, Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala
Sitharaman said in a written reply to Rajya Sabha.
In 2014-15, FDI in India increased by 27 per cent to $30.93

So you can analyze now that his foreign trips are worthwhile and can boost our economy fastly.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Know Google's new CEO- An Indian

As Google's third CEO, Pichai is taking over a
company in flux. In a massive corporate
restructuring, Google has become a subsidiary of
Alphabet, a new company run by Google co-
founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
Pichai, 43, was born in Tamil Nadu, India. After
graduating college in India for metallurgical
engineering, he came to the United States to study
at Stanford University -- the alma mater of the
Google founders and so many other early Googlers.
Pichai got his start at Google in 2004, building the
now defunct Google toolbar. The toolbar allowed
Internet Explorer and Firefox customers to make
Google their default search engine .
In the next few years, he took over Chrome,
Google's Web browser. When he introduced Chrome
to the world in 2008, the world reacted with
puzzlement: How could it compete with Internet
Explorer and Firefox?
Yet Chrome eventually became the world's most
used Web browser. Chrome even became a
successful operating system for Chromebook
laptops, used mostly by schools.
Pichai eventually became vice president, then senior
vice president in 2013 when he added Android to his
growing portfolio.
Last year, he became Google's product chief,
overseeing virtually all Google software products
not named YouTube. He runs Google+, Google
Wallet, Android Pay and Google's Apps services for

Pichai also runs the Google I/O developers
conference, where he serves as the public face of
Google for eager customers waiting to know what
the next versions of Android and Chrome will do. He
also shows off the company's biggest new products
and services, including kicking off this year's
massive Google Photos announcement.
Subdued and generally quiet, Pichai is admired at
Google not just for his obvious engineering talents
but also his general likability.
"Sundar has been saying the things I would have
said (and sometimes better!) for quite some time
now, and I've been tremendously enjoying our work
together," said Page in a blog post announcing the
As CEO of Google, he gets one more feather in his
cap and adds a few more products to his now giant
kingdom -- search, ads, maps, apps, Android,
Chrome and YouTube will now all be under his

Saturday, 1 August 2015

swami vivekananda thoughts

Swami Vivakanada's top 10 quotations that inspires you the most

1)Take up one idea. Make that one idea
your life - think of it, dream of it, live on
that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves,
every part of your body, be full of that
idea, and just leave every other idea
alone. This is the way to success.
2)We are what our thoughts have made us;
so take care about what you think.
Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they
travel far.
3)You have to grow from the inside out.
None can teach you, none can make you
spiritual. There is no other teacher but
your own soul.
4)The moment I have realized God sitting
in the temple of every human body, the
moment I stand in reverence before
every human being and see God in him -
that moment I am free from bondage,
everything that binds vanishes, and I am

5)Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal
is reached.
6)You cannot believe in God until you
believe in yourself.
7)Our duty is to encourage every one in his
struggle to live up to his own highest
idea, and strive at the same time to make
the ideal as near as possible to the
8)The more we come out and do good to
others, the more our hearts will be
purified, and God will be in them.
9)The whole secret of existence is to have
no fear. Never fear what will become of
you, depend on no one. Only the moment
you reject all help are you freed.
10)Condemn none: if you can stretch out a
helping hand, do so. If you cannot, fold
your hands, bless your brothers, and let
them go their own way.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

what is good education

when we heard the word education, a picture series runs on our mind in which we see schools, teachers, students or if if we are already done with our schooling then we thought of our school days. These whole things which I have described was part of our education. Education in all sections of this world defines by all these parameters schools+ teachers+ students.

 Apart from these many other things may be there but these three things most important and must be their to get education. Some of you may think why I have described schools as essential part of education as to get education students means you and teachers means anyone who teaches you is sufficient. I have described schools as important part of proper education because we must have a class room so our infant from his/her very beginning in schools can learn how to interact with others means he learns how to be social in schools, but without schools knowledge he can gain but not education as being social is part of good education.

 So now you can imagine that a good education just not to get knowledge of particular subject but good education teaches us to be practical, be social, be friendly to everyone and so on. Only this good education can make you excel in your life, getting only knowledge is not sufficient to live in this world.

Its not the responsibility of only schools or government to make you infant social its parents who teaches him or her to be practical to be social to be gentle to everyone. If someone is good in his academics but not gentle not social he will find hard to live on this earth because we human beings are somehow social animals.

So when you think good education think other parameter also apart from knowledge is to make your child social, gentle and practical.

Pankaj Pathak

Friday, 10 July 2015

Reservation in Education

Reservation in our education system , is considered to be a backbone to certain communities. These communities are Schedule Casts, Schedule tribe and OBC ( creamy and Non creamy). So why government is given these communities such special reservation in education as compared to general person.

it all start with untouchablity, means in past schedule casts were treated to be untouchable. They didn't have rights in society same as upper caste peoples. They worked for upper caste people, in overall they were badly treated at that time. Due to which trend started that a person who is of lower caste can't eat, live or even get education with upper caste people. As time passed they lower caste people were so harreshed that they were mentally and socially get neglected.
After Independence, because we live in Democratic country where everyone has right to live equally, it was realized that these lower castes peoples whose percentage was very less in all sectors as compared to upper caste peoples should be increased, so only we can talk about equality. The overall thought according to me was right because as a human being if you think whatever lower caste people faced during post independence was inhuman act. In starting Parliament implemented this for 10 years but after every 10 years it was increased and even now we have reservation in education system.
according to my view what I observed regarding reservation is that at starting the reservation rule was absolutely right because at that time lower caste people percentage in all sectors were so less. Still lots of areas are such where untouchability exists for which I totally support reservation. But what I observed regarding reservation system is that a person who needs it more is not getting this. Let me give you an simple example, a person from lower caste who don't have anything in his childhood achieved great success in his life with getting reservation in every field. According to me it is right if he gets reservation. But now think that his son or daughter giving any exam getting reservation is right or wrong. It is wrong because his son or daughter have everything now just because they are from lower caste they are getting reservation is wrong. Now a days what I observed is that maximum number of peoples whom are getting reservation don't require it. But some of areas in India have peoples , must have reservation which I support.
one thing I want to add here is that now reservation should not be given in name of caste. Because according to me lots of people just to get reservation in India make their false certificates though they have enough money but getting all facilities just because they are lower caste in papers. This I observed in my college time.

Another thing which I want to add in not to give reservation in name of caste is that, think of a poor student. His father don't have enough money so he can get proper education. Just because he is from general category he can't get any such reservation. It seems totally wrong. Though the concept of reservation was right but now I think amendments should be done. Reservation earlier during just after independence can be understood based on caste, but now after 6 decades still giving reservation just in name of caste didn't seem proper, reservation I totally support but it should be given due to financial conditions of one. Poor must get reservation because poor is poor we can't decide him in terms of his caste as upper caste poor or lower caste poor or Hindu poor or Muslim poor.
give your views also.

Pankaj Pathak

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Education system in India

India is a country of around 1.25 billion peoples of which 65% population is young, means india is young nation. To progress we must focus on youths because they will decide future of the nation. Education is primary and most important criterion for better india as if everyone in younger generation will get proper education than only India will prospected.

In this direction from very first election till now government of India has done some great work. Presently around 990 billion rupee budjet is alloted for this. HRD ministry is responsible for higher education system as of primary education state government along with center is responsible.
At present 75% ( round figure) of population in India is educated. Let us now analyze thing rather than going to facts. I will took point by point analysis  but all regarding Government schools and colleges.

1) the very first thing to boost primary education government of India has already started Mid Day Meal scheme, so our children will get better health also.

2) books, dresses etc are free up to 8th standard.

3) the fee in government schools are so less and we compare this with private schools it is about 1/50 or more also. So government is taking less but giving more.

4) still we people don't choose government schools for our child. We are ready to pay 50 times fee even teacher who is teaching in private schools not even qualified any of the exam whereas all government teachers are well qualified.

 5) even what I observed that a government teacher prefer private schools for his infant. It simply shows that they don't have believe in their own system.

6) in reality government schools have very less number of students present there in most of the places.

7) let us now think of higher education. For graduation many options are present in India like engineering, doctor, law, science etc.

8) but what I observed is that Indian education system works only for a good degree.

9) when I say that "works only for good degree" it means we do graduation to get only degree not some knowledge or for skill development in us.

10) for this government is not responsible because they already have provide us all facilities but it is us that we want degree only not proper knowledge.

 11) like for example South Korea and India started building their education system in same year. We focused on Degree based preparation and they focused on skill development. you can analyze where they have reached in technology.

 I am not criticizing totally the education pattern but somehow to become world power we can't work with such education system. We must change it. When I say we it means Government+ we people of this great country.

Pankaj Pathak

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


When we heard this " inner peace", some positiveness comes automatically. In this busy and hectic life most of us are not happy; but we all wanted to be happy. So the question arises in our mind automatically; how to be happy. Is there any tool or machinary or government sceheme. The answer is NO. But let me tell you a screat, there is always a person who can make you happy and that special person ( or say great person) is YOU
you are the one who is key to make yourself happy. We all know happiness is the key of peaceful life and vice versa peaceful life leads to happy life.
when I say peace it means inner peace.

I met lots of people, they are earning enough money, they wanted something in past which they have acheived already but they are not happy with their life, still searching for inner peace.
during my undergraduate program I met a gentleman Aveshy Witkow, he was from Is real. He told me that he came India to get inner peace because He is not happy with his life. While returning I asked about what he got and he said he still not happy.
The question arises why he was not?

I think the answer is inner peace to get happy life cannot be achieved by travelling far. The place you have to visit, is your own hearth. Ask yourself what you want? If you do what your hearth says then you must be happy because now you are listening to yourself not others.

Pankaj Pathak