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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Effect of technology on education

In the words of "Nelson Mandela"- " education is the most powerful weapon which you can use

to change the world".

thinking of this deeply, when we thought changing the world by education, what does it mean?

Simply it means, education teach people to think critically, positively. So the world can change.

technology from some past decades is also changing; so is it right to say technology is changing

the world? Yes of course. Technology has changed the way we live, travel, and affect all of us

somehow. If this technology is changing the world and change in world can be done by

education we can think of that technology has changed the education.

 But as it said every coin has 2 sides, effect of technology on education also have 2 sides.

thinking of negative side, think of calculators. Though it makes calculation easy and fast, but

making our capability of thinking is decreasing. Games are also considered to be part of good

education, but when we say games it does it mean graphical games. No, it means physical

activities so we can be fit to be learn everything. Video games are attracting new generation

though they are colorful, interesting but they make us physically imperfect.

as it said noting has only bad in it. Technology has changed our education system a lot. Distance

learning, e- education, smart classes, computers are those examples where we see positive

impact of technology on education. And there is many more latest technologies in education

system now a days. Technology has made our education very fast and advanced, so thanks to


Pankaj Pathak


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