Wednesday, 8 July 2015


When we heard this " inner peace", some positiveness comes automatically. In this busy and hectic life most of us are not happy; but we all wanted to be happy. So the question arises in our mind automatically; how to be happy. Is there any tool or machinary or government sceheme. The answer is NO. But let me tell you a screat, there is always a person who can make you happy and that special person ( or say great person) is YOU
you are the one who is key to make yourself happy. We all know happiness is the key of peaceful life and vice versa peaceful life leads to happy life.
when I say peace it means inner peace.

I met lots of people, they are earning enough money, they wanted something in past which they have acheived already but they are not happy with their life, still searching for inner peace.
during my undergraduate program I met a gentleman Aveshy Witkow, he was from Is real. He told me that he came India to get inner peace because He is not happy with his life. While returning I asked about what he got and he said he still not happy.
The question arises why he was not?

I think the answer is inner peace to get happy life cannot be achieved by travelling far. The place you have to visit, is your own hearth. Ask yourself what you want? If you do what your hearth says then you must be happy because now you are listening to yourself not others.

Pankaj Pathak


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