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Friday, 10 July 2015

Reservation in Education

Reservation in our education system , is considered to be a backbone to certain communities. These communities are Schedule Casts, Schedule tribe and OBC ( creamy and Non creamy). So why government is given these communities such special reservation in education as compared to general person.

it all start with untouchablity, means in past schedule casts were treated to be untouchable. They didn't have rights in society same as upper caste peoples. They worked for upper caste people, in overall they were badly treated at that time. Due to which trend started that a person who is of lower caste can't eat, live or even get education with upper caste people. As time passed they lower caste people were so harreshed that they were mentally and socially get neglected.
After Independence, because we live in Democratic country where everyone has right to live equally, it was realized that these lower castes peoples whose percentage was very less in all sectors as compared to upper caste peoples should be increased, so only we can talk about equality. The overall thought according to me was right because as a human being if you think whatever lower caste people faced during post independence was inhuman act. In starting Parliament implemented this for 10 years but after every 10 years it was increased and even now we have reservation in education system.
according to my view what I observed regarding reservation is that at starting the reservation rule was absolutely right because at that time lower caste people percentage in all sectors were so less. Still lots of areas are such where untouchability exists for which I totally support reservation. But what I observed regarding reservation system is that a person who needs it more is not getting this. Let me give you an simple example, a person from lower caste who don't have anything in his childhood achieved great success in his life with getting reservation in every field. According to me it is right if he gets reservation. But now think that his son or daughter giving any exam getting reservation is right or wrong. It is wrong because his son or daughter have everything now just because they are from lower caste they are getting reservation is wrong. Now a days what I observed is that maximum number of peoples whom are getting reservation don't require it. But some of areas in India have peoples , must have reservation which I support.
one thing I want to add here is that now reservation should not be given in name of caste. Because according to me lots of people just to get reservation in India make their false certificates though they have enough money but getting all facilities just because they are lower caste in papers. This I observed in my college time.

Another thing which I want to add in not to give reservation in name of caste is that, think of a poor student. His father don't have enough money so he can get proper education. Just because he is from general category he can't get any such reservation. It seems totally wrong. Though the concept of reservation was right but now I think amendments should be done. Reservation earlier during just after independence can be understood based on caste, but now after 6 decades still giving reservation just in name of caste didn't seem proper, reservation I totally support but it should be given due to financial conditions of one. Poor must get reservation because poor is poor we can't decide him in terms of his caste as upper caste poor or lower caste poor or Hindu poor or Muslim poor.
give your views also.

Pankaj Pathak


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