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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Improve Your Android’s performance

Android being Open Nature and User-friendly, has increased its market in a very short time. This is the main fact why The Android is being so much popular while other rivals are trying to take the market in hand. you can have anything that you just wanted to be. Easy use and friendly nature of Android has drawn a lot of drawbacks in Android smartphones. It can cause more time taken in processing by a Android device. Many times you would have to face a slow processing speed when you fills the screen with a number of Widgets and Icons, A tons of software starts running simultaneously. and sometimes it affects primary apps used in cell like phone book, messenger and camera. User becomes irritate with this, and sometimes in common words it is said to be Hanged.

A lot of people say that the beauty of Android is in its open nature, allowing you to personalize almost each and every aspect of the system. However, Android's open nature may also be seen as one of its weaknesses, as there are certain scenarios where the system can be treating consumers to a sub-par experience due to lack of enough processing time or memory. Most of those who can afford a top-notch flagship smartphone usually end up with a mostly smooth and snappy interface, but we all know that as our phones age, the tons of software and content that go through them each and every day eventually bog them down.

performance of Android device starts to diminish as the time goes on. Keeping the problems in mind, Here are some of the tips that you can use for better experience:
> Learn capabilities and drawbacks of your device. Don’t install apps which uses more resources. That kind of apps which requires more resources to perform, degrades the performance resulting in “Slowing down of device”. These apps eats up resources needed by essential apps like Camera and Phone book.

> Update Android for better performance.
Make sure that you are using Updated version of Android, If you aren’t. Update it. As sometimes it also may be one of the reason of slow speed of your Android device. Android 4.0 or more gives a good processing.

> Try to keep Apps only which you use.
Every App or Game that you install on your device takes some space and always there are some background processes taking place, from which most of the users are not aware of. These background processes are reason to Slow performance.

> Disable Unnecessary Apps.
When you Uninstall Apps on device, It removes all the application files from the device. Rather then Uninstalling, one can disable These less used Apps. Disabling an App does not deletes the application files, it simply removes the Icon from Home screen. when you need these Apps back, you can Re-enable the files. After Re-enabling it is ready to users again.

> Make use of a Good quality Memory card.
The speed of your device also depends on the Memory card you are using for storage. There are a number of classes of Memory card. One should make use of Class 6 or Class 10 memory card for smooth operation. These cards can boost up the capacity to a large amount and the extent to which it may be boosted up depends on the Maximum expendable memory of device. There are Memory cards available from 2GB to 32 GB storage.

> Don’t use Live Wallpapers.
Everybody likes live or some kind of 3D wallpapers, which no doubt gives a nice look to your smartphone, This is the main point which leads to the extending market of these Wallpapers, But these Wallpapers are continuously running some CPU cycles. CPU becomes busy with these cycles and there is chance that It would not be efficient enough to perform other tasks. It results in Slow speed of Android device. so to prevent Slow speed, always try to avoid these attractive wallpapers.

# Avoid syncing.
Synchronization of data with google servers is known as Syncing. This facilitates to get notification from E-mail account, Social media and Apps updates. The processor has now to give time to check for updates, mail notification, for example If it checks for notifications after each 10 minutes, means after each 10 minutes it goes busy with Syncing feature, affecting other important tasks, even the primary tasks which are basic need of users, such as Camera and Phone book.

# Update Old Apps.
Always try to keep the updated version of Apps installed. All Apps developer add additional features and remove the problems of previous version, Surely It would be fast and efficient.

# Do not use more Widgets.
Android users use some of the additional widgets, for weather information, and some like to have attractive Clock on their home screen, but these slows down the speed as they are active all the time.

# Use Task Manager.
Task Managers are available in Google play store. Use a task killer to stop the background processes that you don’t want to use again. Advanced Task Killer and Super Task Manager are some of the good once. You can set settings by your own choice, that will automatically stop the unnecessary tasks.
The tips above stated can be extremely helpful for the users which are annoyed with the Android Slow performance. So try with it and Make your android to function fast.


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