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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How to Sync iTunes Music with an Android Phone or Tablet

Your iTunes collection is perhaps a vast, lumbering collection of tracks that might go back to your first iPod or a compact selection of favorites. Either way, you want those songs on your Android smartphone or tablet.
We’ve seen several ways of syncing an iTunes library with your Android device in the past, but now there is a far simpler method. By employing free-to-use sync software on your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC and a companion app on Android syncing tracks from iTunes to your mobile device has suddenly become effortless.
Even the setup is relatively simple.

Software You’ll Need for Syncing iTunes to Android

To make this synchronization work, we’re going to use the BitTorrent Sync utility, which synchronizes data between devices running the software. You’ll also need your computer and Android device connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
First, head to Google Play and install the free Sync app on your device. While this is installing, point your desktop browser to www.getsync.com/download and download the version that matches your operating system. A version for BSD is available alongside Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Watch out for the offer to upgrade to Sync Pro once installation is complete. This is a premium version of the tool, but you’re getting a 30-day preview of it anyway, so upgrading at this stage isn’t necessary.
Upon launch, select This is my first Sync 2.0 device, and set a sync identity. Next, click the add folder button.
(Incidentally, don’t let this be your only experience with Bittorrent Sync. This is a really useful piece of software — one that is used legally by many large organizations. You can take it beytond syncing iTunes with your Android device and even use it to build your own cloud storage with a Raspberry Pi.)

Find Your iTunes Library

Tracks in your iTunes library will be synced to Android using this method, so you’ll need to know where your MP3s are stored. From here, the best option is to copy the tracks you want into a new folder, which you can use to store any tracks you wish to sync to your Android device.
It is this folder that you should select in BitTorrent Sync when browsing to add a folder.

Setup BitTorrent Sync on Android


The next stage is to setup the Sync app on your Android device. Here, select the first option,Link a device already running Sync 2.0, and follow the instructions to flip back to Sync on Windows and open Options > My devices > Link device.
A QR code will be displayed. Hold your Android device up to view the QR code through the camera window that has appeared in the Sync app, and wait as the code is captured and the link between devices established.
Next, open the Settings menu and tap Advanced; here, clear the check in the Simple mode box. You should then scroll down to Default folder location and ensure that your preferred Android folder is selected. A directory such as “/storage/emulated/0/music” is a good idea.
On the desktop, you’ll be asked if you wish to connect, disconnect, or sync your devices. SelectSync, and switch one final time back to your Android device. Here, find the name of your sync folder in the top left corner and tap the three-dot menu button, selecting Connect. In the resulting view, confirm the folder and click Add folder.
Finally, from the same menu, open Details and make sure the switch for Sync all is active. Syncing will begin.

How Did This Method Work for You?

BitTorrent Sync will quickly sync your library to your Android device, ready for you to start listening. By choosing the Music library, you should be able to open your tracks in virtually any music playing app. If you run into trouble, however, an Android file manager such as ES File Explorer should do the trick.
The beauty of this method is that all you have to do to add the collection of MP3s to your device is to drop a few more into the folder you initially created. This is the one being monitored by the BitTorrent Sync software, so any changes will be immediately reflected on your Android smartphone or tablet as they’re detected, just as long as both the PC and Android device are connected to the Internet.
Have you tried this? Perhaps you have a different way to sync your iTunes library to your Android device? Let us know in the comments.


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