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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Everybody chill, Sony may have a separate global flagship phone in the works

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees this will be a real upgrade over last year’s Xperia Z3, and it could well launch under the far-from-encouraging Z3+ moniker.
Sony Xperia Z4
Remember that one time Sony suggested past mistakes were learned from and never to be repeated, with a mobile product release policy concentrated on “why” rather than “when”? As in, why should they roll out a new high-end Android, not when? As in, putting quality ahead of frequency for a change.
Yeah, it was all false PR propaganda, since the Z4 just went official in Japan, leading to more head-scratchers than HTC’s successive One M9 and M9 Plus introductions. Exactly what is different? Not much, as Z4 and Z3’s constructions are virtually identical, with footprints, screen resolution, RAM count and rear-facing camera sensors also shared between the two.
But perhaps most shocking about the latest Xperia “top dog” unveil though was the lack of glitz around the Japan-staged event, as well as Sony’s utter silence on global availability. The mystery is starting to unravel, courtesy of a fairly reputable Russian source, and apparently, late May is when the OEM plans to showcase the “international” variant.
Xperia Z4
This could tweak a few of the base Z4’s specs, possibly bumping up the display pixel count from 1,920 x 1,080 to 2,650 x 1,440 among others. At the same time, given the rumor calls for a Western Xperia Z3+ branding, it doesn’t seem as if Sony is ready to truly challenge Samsung anywhere in the world.
At least a glimmer of hope endures in regards to looming non-Snapdragon 810 improvements, with patience the word du jour for folks enchanted by Sony’s water-protected, microSD-supporting designs. Come on, don’t make us wait until fall, when an all-metal Z5 shall debut, according to certain tipsters. Or scrap this underwhelming Z4 Z3 Plus entirely if that’s the case.
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