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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Health Tips for Women

There’s something about Rice Krispies treats that just says fall (maybe it’s the warm-and-gooey thing they have going on). But as it turns out, Rice Krispies treats can get even more snuggly with a few little tweaks to the mix-ins. Scroll down to start salivating. These yummy, fall-themed hacks are perfect for Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dessert, or Monday mornings—and they’re all a cinch to make.

1. S'More Rice Krispies Treats
This easy graham cracker-chocolate-marshmallow fluff hack is everything you love about camping. And nothing you don’t (like, you know, actually camping).

2. Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispies Treats
Pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves give these treats the epitome of fall flavors. And you thought pumpkin spice lattes were good.

The One Thing That Transformed the Health of Four Women

"Exercising outside eased my depression.”
Between 2005 and 2010, the double whammy of an unhealthy marriage and a failing business left me depressed and overweight. By 2011, I decided I'd had enough. I lived on a lake close to winding trails, so I started walking and swimming outdoors a few times a week. Five months later, I had shed 35 pounds and noticed my mood was significantly better too. Then, in March 2012, I completed a Spartan Race, which is a 3-mile obstacle course. At the finish line, I was caked in dirt, but I felt incredible. Since then I've participated in more than 50 races all over the country (even dyeing my hair green for one of them!). Thanks to outdoor activity, I've gained confidence and a new outlook on life. -- Andi Hardy, Atlanta

WHY IT WORKS All kinds of exercise can help soothe the blues by producing feel-good endorphins, but working out in nature may be extra-beneficial. Research has linked outdoor fitness to elevated self-esteem levels, as well as decreases in depression and anger.

Walk Off the Weight in Just 10 Minutes

If you have trouble fitting fitness into your schedule, great news: Researchers found that shorter bouts of exercise—even as brief as 2 minutes—totaling 30 minutes per day may have as much impact as a half-hour of nonstop movement in helping to lower your risk of heart disease. In other words, a little bit of activity here and there can really add up. This 10-minute routine will get results and can easily fit into your most hectic days.

1 MIN: Walk at a moderate pace. (Talking should be a bit tough but not impossible.)

1 MIN: Walk at a brisk pace. (Talking should be difficult.)

2 MIN: Walk at an easy pace. (Carrying on a conversation should be easy.)

1 MIN: Walk at a brisk pace.

2 MIN: Walk at an easy pace.

1 MIN: Walk at a brisk pace.

2 MIN: Walk at an easy pace.

If this routine starts to feel less challenging, add 15 seconds to the brisk bursts while shaving 15 seconds off the easy intervals. To easily increase the intensity of your walk, try to take slightly shorter steps. (Longer strides can slow you down.)

Eats by the Hour

It’s not just what you eat, but when you eat that matters. “Our food dictates everything from our mood and energy levels to sleep patterns and cravings,” says Marci Anderson, a registered dietitian in Cambridge, MA. So whether you want to feel alert in the morning, blissed-out at lunch or sleepy at night, smart food choices can get you there. You don’t have to eat everything that follows in one day; just pick what suits your needs. Keep clicking to find out how to maximize your meals throughout the day.


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